Pre-Owned Accordions

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Emilio Accordions also has a wide variety of pre-owned accordions including Bell, Petosa, Giulietti, Titano, PanCordion, Iorio, Hohner, Scandalli, Beltuna, Sano, Gabbanelli, Settimio Soprani, Paolo Soprani, and many others. Our used accordions for sale are ready for delivery and are marked with special pricing so that our clients receive the accordion of their dreams at an affordable rate. Contact us today to learn more about our pre-owned accordions. 

Scandalli Super VI Extreme

Black Bugari Evo

In stock Pre-owned Accordions

  • 1959 Petosa AM-1300 MF Size; Available $4495
  • 2018 Black Bugari Evo complete with gigbags, cables, and user manual; (SOLD)
  • 1960’s Italian made Bell 41/120, 3/5 reed LMH tuning with original V. Taboro Reeds (Super VI Reeds), 18-inch keyboard;(SOLD)
  • 2014 Scandalli Super VI Extreme with Double Rivet Binci Reeds, LMMH tuning; Available $12,500
  • 2018 Beltuna Tyrolean Alpine lV LMMM tuning non-chamber with handmade reeds, 41/120 with Musictech midi and Sennheiser Mics; (SOLD)
  • 2010 Alessandrini non-chamber 41/120, LMMH tuning with handmade reeds, Sennheiser mics, and MusicTech Music Maker Midi; (SOLD)
  • 2011 Pietro Gold Accordion 41/120 double tone chamber, LMMM tuning and handmade reeds, Sennheiser mics, and Ciao Midi; (SOLD)
  • 2019 Red Paolo Soprani 30/72 LMM tuning with Sennheiser mics; (SOLD)
  • 1973 Petosa AM1300 45 keys 120 bass Quint Converter/Stradella bass system, LMMH concert tuning; (SOLD)
  • 1970 Original Cordovox Super V 41/120, LMH tuning; (SOLD)
  • 2014 Ciao Reedless Accordion 41/120, 13 pounds; Available $1500
  • 1957 Original Hohner Gola 41/120, LMMH tuning; Available $12,500
  • 1997 White Bugari Model 151/CH 20 pounds, LMMH tuning 37/96; (SOLD)